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You Have The Chance To Wine Taste With Jennifer Lawrence

All for a good cause!

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It’s fair to say that most people have a celebrity crush. Whether it be a musician, actor/actress or personality, there’s probably been someone famous you’ve dreamed about ending up happily ever after with. But thanks to the auction-giving website, you have a once in a life time opportunity to experience what it might feel like.

Jennifer Lawrence has teamed up with Omaze to raise funds for, a charity which Jennifer is a member of the creative council. Represent aims to put an end to corruption within American politics and ‘to pass powerful anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, end secret money, and fix our broken elections’.

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So how does it work? You donate an amount to give yourself an opportunity to win. The higher the donation, the greater your chances. The randomly chosen winner is then flown out to the states, put up in four- star accommodation and enjoys some wine tasting and a picnic with the Oscar winning actress herself. Not bad, ey?

Don’t believe me? Hear it first hand from the star of the Hungers Games in the video below:

Celebrities such as Robert Downey. Jr, Chris Pratt, Idris Elba, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and many more have all raised money for various causes, providing winners with fond memories along the way. A brilliant initiative to help those who work to change the world in one way or another and give them some much needed extra support. Fingers crossed my donation wins. You can enter here at

In other celebrity news, Aaron Paul shares some delightful photoshop’s. Check them out.

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