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Cannabis Has Just Become Part Of A Christmas Wreath

Some American company made cannabis part of a Christmas decoration.

Credit: Henry's Original

Cannabis appears in a Christmas Wreath decoration when you thought this year needed to be more inventive. Sad it is a limited edition.

First, we all know what Christmas Wreaths are. Those arrangement of flowers and leaves in circular shape used for decoration. Nevertheless, Christmas Wreaths have a religious connotation. However, nowadays for some they don’t represent Christian advent. But a common household item for Christmas time.
Second, we also know what Cannabis is, a flowering plant used in several ways. As hemp fibre, hemp oil, medicine and as a drug. Though, it had not a decoration use until now.
Nonetheless, this Christmas Wreath decoration comes from a Cannabis company called Henry’s Original. This company released the holiday wreath and it costs 400$.
Furthermore, the actual wreath has eucalyptus, pine, dried wheat, berries, pine cones. And a full ounce of what the site’s website calls “sun-grown artisanal cannabis” hand crafted.

Also, the Christmas Wreaths are 24 inches. Henry’s assures the buyer that the Cannabis from the Wreath is consumable without harming it.
Yet, considering that Cannabis is still illegal in the UK and many other parts of the world. This item is not available but in Los Angeles, US area, only with a valid medical marijuana card.
As you can see, you can always move to L.A and try it yourself this year. Though, legalisation in your own country may happen. And the Christmas Wreath may be at your doorstep when you’re not expecting it.

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