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Camera Returned To Owner Two Years After Being Lost Cross-Country

I wouldn’t have bothered.

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It was September 2015 when Tsubaki-kun lost her camera whilst travelling Japan. During a beach clean-up two years later, an elementary student found the camera in pristine condition, wrapped in a barnacle-covered camera case – and for some reason handed it in.

Park Lee, primary school teacher in Taiwan, posted the above photographs on his Facebook page after one of his students found a camera during a beach clean-up. His attempt to find the owner was successful, as his post summoned thousands of shares that found Tsubaki-kun less than 30 hours after the post went live. He plans on returning the tourist-snap-filled Canon back to her as soon as she returns to the country. It’s a beautiful story, if not one that’s slightly pointless – they’re hardly National Geographic photos, after all.

The owner of said camera is a student at the University of Tokyo, and had been holidaying on the Island of Ishigaki – over 200km from the West of Taiwan – when she had lost her precious Canon. Must have been absolutely heartbreaking considering the sheer quality of the tourist snaps. She thanked her saviour on Facebook, saying “I am so lucky and happy to have such a wonderful experience to feel the kindness of people.” Doesn’t it just restore your faith in humanity? Honestly, I wouldn’t have bothered.

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