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Brush Up On Your Sopranos Lingo With The Official Sopranos Dictionary

Add a Sopranos twist to your everyday conversations!

Have you every wondered what Tony or Paulie meant by “gabagool” or a “goo-mah?” Well, “The Sopranos,” an HBO show that aired from 1999-2007 with six seasons, are back to explain the Italian-American lingo that often went right over viewers’ heads.

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly The Sopranos were talking about when they used special and often unheard of words, then this is the video for you. Linked above, this short video gives you all the definitions of the famous dialogue from the tv show, all while showing you bits and pieces of the series where the words are used. Here are some of our personal favorites from the series:

1. “Gabagool”

Although it sounds nothing like its definition, gabagool is a Northeastern term for capicola. Next time you go to the deli, try ordering gabagool for lunch!

2. Madone

This famous term is used to invoke a surprise/upset reaction, as it’s an abbreviation from Madonna. Next time you get some bad news, see if others will recognize where phrase came from!

3. Sit-Down

Did your family ever get together to discuss important or serious matters? If so, then you participated in a Sopranos “sit-down.”

4. Family

While we all know what family means, the Sopranos see it in a different way– utmost loyalty to an organized crime syndicate. It sounds like a bond not even a real family would have.

Now that you know our personal favorites, go watch for yourself and pick out a few of your own! After that, get excited to cook your favorite meals from the hit show “Friends,” because the official Friends cookbook drops this September!

Feature Image from Diariocritico de Venezuela / Flickr

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