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Bill Murray Replicates Groundhog Day Plot In Best Possible Way

“He’s having the worst day of his life…over and over again.”

Credit: Columbia Pictures/Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a 90s comedy still adored by many to this day. And it is arguably one of Bill Murray’s best films. In a hilarious move on his part, Murray recently went to see the Groundhog Day musical two nights in a row, imitating the strange happenings of the character he played in the movie.

If you have never seen the film, it tells the tale of Phil (played by Murray) who is forced to repeatedly live the same day. So, naturally, being the jokester he is, Murray imitated his character and went to see the movie-turned-musical twice in a row.

On the first night of going to see the Broadway show, witness reports say Murray seemed genuinely entertained. He fanatically cheered and gave a heartfelt speech to the cast. He took selfies/photos with fans and even tipped $50 for a glass of water. What a wholesome guy.

He must have loved the musical so much because he was seen again the very next night. Jokingly he told the theater that he might even come back for a third viewing. Seems like Murray is emulating his character Phil’s life, although this time it’s a little more willingly.

For even more evidence of why Murray is a legend, click here. 

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