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2024 Travel Essentials

New travel essentials are discovered every year, especially through social media. These items will elevate your 2024 travel experience!

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Credit: Shutterstock/ I am Kulz

With every year new travel essentials are being discovered and created. With access to social media, we are finding new essentials that can transform your travel experience. It is important to be prepared and allow yourself to enjoy your journey. Many people are sharing their travel essentials as well as starting up businesses for new, unheard of items! By taking to social media, we can discover some amazing essentials you won’t believe you lived without before!

Here are 10 travel essentials for 2024…

1. Foot Hammock

A foot hammock might sound funny at first, but when you are on a long flight this product is a lifesaver. You can prop your feet up and truly relax. Especially when you travel internationally, it can feel impossible to get comfortable with the small amount of legroom you have, but this product aims to make you feel like your feet are in the clouds! It can also be used under desks for when you are back home.

Green Foot Hammock
Credit: FOMYIN

2. Inflatable Pillow

The inflatable pillow is an emerging trend in travel this year. Whether you are in for a long flight or a long car ride this product is perfect. When you are sick and tired of your head falling or you are starting to get that pain in your neck it is time to blow up your pillow! There are multiple designs that provide different levels of assistance. You can get ones that go over your body to keep you propped up.

The most popular style offers a way to lean forward and an opening for your arms to rest. Some even strap to the back of your seat for maximum sturdiness. This item can stay compact up until the moment you need it and it deflates just as easily!

Woman laying on inflatable travel pillow
Credit: KINSCO

3. Door Lock

The portable door lock is essential, especially if you are traveling solo. This added layer of protection can help you rest easy at night. Having an extra layer of security is a great idea no matter where you’re at. This product serves as a deadbolt for your door, ensuring that no one is getting through. Certain products even come with a sensor that alerts you if someone is tampering with your door. Safety should always come first on your travels.

Red door lock zoomed in
Credit: AceMining Store

4. Backseat Organizer

A backseat organizer is a lifesaver if you are traveling with kids (or even if you just want to stay organized!) These organizers drape over the front seat headrests and provide a multi-purpose solution. They have protective areas for your devices and ample pockets for food, toys, chargers, and anything you might bring on your car ride. These ensure you have plenty of room and prevent things from sliding under the seat or getting lost. Most importantly, it makes it much harder to make a mess.

Backseat organizer filled with toys, accessories, tablet, water bottles, and food
Credit: Helteko Store

5. Duffel Bag

A new era of travel duffel bags has emerged! These unfoldable, zippable, waterproof, and very portable bags are truly a game changer. Fold them out to put larger items like dresses, suits, coats, or even your regular clothing as well. The side pockets can safely store your shoes and prevent them from taking up too much space. It even has pockets on the inside for any extra items. And, to top it all off when it’s all zipped up you still have a bag to fill up!


If you’re looking for a bag that can do it all, Baggr folding travel bag is your asnwer 🧳 It has a ton a storage space, and can be check in as a carry-on on most airlines 👌 #travel #travelbag #traveling #vacation #holiday #duffelbag #traveltiktok

♬ Beat Goes On – The All Seeing I

6. Tracker Collar

If you’re traveling with a furry friend, there are essentials for them too! It is always important to make sure your companion is safe and sound. This tracker collar allows you to always know where they are at. These devices sync to your phone so you always have an active location on your pet, and they come in all sizes. It is always best to prepare for the worst, so invest in the safety of your pet sooner rather than later!

GPS dog tracker
Credit: tractive Store

7. Portable Charger

A portable charger is one of the most important items to bring with you on your travels. There are many different kinds to choose from, but pick what fits your needs. Some offer portable capabilities as well as a wall adapter for when you arrive at your destination. Others are small, lightweight devices that you can easily use at any given moment.

The last thing you want is to be stuck on a long trip with no access to GPS, movies, music, or a way to capture your memories. Keeping a portable charger handy will make sure you don’t miss a thing.

black and white portable charger going into phone
Credit: UPEB Store

8. Phone Holder

Phone holders have become essential in 2024. Whether you’re on a long flight or a long drive, movies and TV shows can get you through those endless hours. A phone holder can mount just about anywhere to prop up your phone for you, saving you from uncomfortable angles and cramps! Most of these have 360-degree capability and can even be used at home as well!

airplane travel phone mount
Credit: MiiKARE Store

9. Shoe Storage

Are you sick of your shoes getting flattened in half and taking up all of your luggage room? This compact shoe storage keeps your shoes in one place and allows for maximum room when packing. There are many different styles that can fit your needs from mesh bags to sturdy packages these will help tremendously. Most importantly, they will all be in the same place by the time you arrive!

blue shoe organizer with shoes inside
Credit: WalterDrake Store

10. Heroclip

The Heroclip is a great tool that will come in handy on any type of travel. This clip does just about everything and can assist you with any type of gear you might have. Whether you need to hang your bags, clamp your hammock, or attach items these clips, it will do it all. These clips take up almost no room yet serve a big purpose. They come in three different sizes to fit your needs and you won’t regret having them on hand.


When traveling, the journey should be just as fun as the destination. These items are going to not only relieve some of the travel stress, but they will elevate your entire experience. Finding new items can make the experience exciting and manageable. Being comfortable and prepared is the key to success! Have fun on your adventures!

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