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Idiot of the Week

WATCH: Man Found Head First In Recycling Bin

How does this even happen?

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Surely some of us have come across some strange sights in the morning. At least at some point , but this story has to be the strangest.

Coming from Rotherham courtesy of Ashley Kerr who was delivering sandwiches about Mexborough early on a Friday. An ordinary day up to this point until Ashley spots a guy stuck head first in a recycling bin, obviously Ashley goes to investigate. This is what happened:


As Ashley puts it:

As I was driving down the road I thought I saw a pair of legs hanging out of the clothes bin. I wasn’t sure but as I got closer I realised I was right.

I asked him if we was alright. His reply was ‘Am sound me pal’ and then I said ‘You sure?’ he replied ‘Yeah’.

I’m not sure if he got out, but I’m guessing he did.

Definitely some weird stuff going on here. Locals think it is the ‘dancing man’ who dances for no reason and is known for getting himself stuck in places. Looks like we’ve got an expert here.

For more stupidity check this out.

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