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Right-Wing Newsmax TV Host Got So High He Ended Up In Kenya

What kind of sweet weed could he have been smoking?

credit: Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Greg Kelly, the TV host for Newsmax, recently tweeted a short, sweet tale about the dangers of marijuana. Whether he was showing off how wild the grass he’s smokin’ is, or if he’s trying to ward off the legalization of marijuana we’re not quite sure… 

New York has recently passed the bill allowing for recreational marijuana use amongst adults, adding to the increasing list of places in America where marijuana is becoming legal. 15 states in total, and the District of Columbia have legalized weed, and have expunged the criminal records for possession of the drug, as well.

However, many Republicans or other right-wing advocates are often against the legalisation of marijuana – in fact, so much so that Greg Kelly had to speak out about it on Twitter. 

He recently shared a post intended to ward off interested users and refute the legalisation of the drugs, but Twitter users have reacted to it in quite a comical fashion – as would be expected, frankly. 

He tweeted: 

Quite honestly, getting so high you end up on a plane and travel 8,000miles away into a completely new continent is something that does sound quite appealing. I doubt any drug could really give you those consequences, but I’d be quite interested to try out whatever it was that he had. 

It seems rather funny that Kelly’s experience was so extreme – leading many people to doubt if he even knows what he’s talking about. Very few drugs could give you such an effect where you black out for four days and go on a travel spree, coupled with short-term amnesia. Maybe Rohypnol or alcohol could justify amnesia – but definitely not cannabis. 

Lots of Twitter users have taken Kelly’s tweet as an opportunity to play on his blatant lying. Some responses are truly quite funny, see below:

@TheGlare_TM adds, “It may have been “kidnappers” and “a lead pipe”. 

Another user commented that he pursued further research into Greg Kelly after his tweet went viral, but was not convinced of what he found: “‘I read like 20 of this guy’s tweets and still not sure it’s a real guy.”

Maybe he’ referencing that time Greg Kelly went on a Twitter rant about McDonald’s refusing to serve him a ‘McFish’ during their breakfast hours…regardless of the fact that no such ‘McFish’ exists or has ever existed on the McDonald’s menu.

Another Twitter user wrote: “Greg Kelly is performance art. I am convinced of it.” 

Even former congresswoman Katie Hill jumped on the bandwagon to poke some fun, tweeting: “Cheers to all who have ‘toked up’ in Kentucky and ended up in Kenya because that’s definitely a thing that happens when you smoke weed.”

He might have to work on his persuasion skills a bit more. It takes more than just writing in Caps Lock to make sure people ‘DON’T DO DRUGS’. 

Page Six

However, maybe he was on the popular new weed compound this is allegedly 30 times stronger than THC… now that can definitely get you flying high. 

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.

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