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Idiot of the Week

Idiot of the Week #19: Pseudo Pickpocket Steals a Man’s Wallet then Returns it

He begs for forgiveness.

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This crafty bastard had his sights set on stealing a random wallet, but the camera made him have a change of heart. This novice failed the first test of becoming a pickpocket: always check for cameras.

The victim never saw it coming but the camera was prepared. I wonder if the guy pulled this stunt on other people, only to feel bad afterwards and do a 180 on the plan.

Pickpocket begging for forgiveness. Credits: Shock Mansion.

Look at this rookie begging for forgiveness. What a chump. He never would have made it in the Thieves Guild. Being broke is always the better option compared to jail.

Lastly if you enjoy reading about thieves, check out this other rookie give himself away on Facebook.

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