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Idiot of the Week

Croc Chomps On Owner’s Arm In Terrifying Attack (WARNING: Graphic Content)

Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

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When seeing someone who works with dangerous animals the thought always is that this person knows no fear, that they have a stupid amount of trust and confidence that nothing bad will happen. Having said that though, it is a rare quality to have and stupid being the key word in the previous description. They’re wild animals for God’s sake!!!

Nobody can tame nature, which is why it comes as no surprise that in Thailand’s Phokkathara Crocodile Farm and Zoo in Chiang Rai Crocodile handler, Tao, demonstrated his overconfidence and stupidy when he stuck his whole arm  down the Croc’s throat. Of course the crocodile chomped on the guy’s arm, in front of an audience of around 100 people no less.

This is some truly disturbing and graphic stuff here:


Honestly surprised that the arm didn’t come clean off.

Maybe he was prepared for this sort of thing, but yeah if that happened to me I’m not sure I would be that calm about it after. Although I’m guessing Tao was in shock or he did not want to scare the audience.

The person that recorded this- Khun Phusawit- said:

The show was very good until that happened. I hope that the may is okay and he gets better soon.

Everybody was shocked when it happened. The kids were a little bit scared.

I’ve watched the clip back many times to see how it happened and the crocodile seems not to like having the hand in his mouth.

Even watching the clip one you can tell that the crocodile does not like that one bit. I cannot imagine that many other animals do like it.

On a more positive note, why not check out this article about a certain reboot.

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