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Prada Releases a Yellow Turtleneck That Looks Like Swiss Cheese

Perhaps this is the beginning of a new deli meats and cheeses line.

Credit: Prada

Fashion Weeks around the globe are one more thing that has had to alter due to the pandemic. Some have held them virtually, allowing more people to see it because it is free and not just for designers and magazines. The models have been wearing masks on the runway, showing off the latest trends, though the masks are definitely more of a talking point than the clothes at times. Times are different but these events are still pretty close to normal, whatever that means anymore. Prada though, has created a piece that is truly one of a kind.

Prada has created a yellow turtleneck that has holes in it everywhere! And the price tag for this is pretty steep, $1,090.10 (905 Euros). That’s a lot of money to dish out to make you look like Swiss cheese. How did they think that looked appealing and that people would really buy that just because it has a Prada label on it? It’s ridiculous.
[Credit: Daily News/YouTube]

Prada is defending their fashion choice, saying it is “defined by a precious openwork motif with placed holes” ( 1). Nice use of “placed holes” by the way, we all see where those holes were indeed placed. Coincidence…I don’t think so. Regardless, this shirt is not a good look at all. And how much they are charging for it is even more insane. I understand wanting to create something unique and stay on new current trends. This is definitely unique but I didn’t realize fashion was getting into looking like food, especially since the models and people who wear these clothes have bodies to suggest that they hardly ever eat.

I’m definitely not into fashion like following the new trends and buying designer clothes, I can’t afford it and that just isn’t a huge priority for me. But this shirt choice is a complete fail. I’ll be in one of my many pairs of leggings from Target and some kind of sweatshirt and loving every minute of it!

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