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“Please Scream Inside Your Heart”: Japan Bans Screaming on Reopened Roller Coasters

Japanese Amusement Park bans screaming on its fastest roller coaster!

Japan, like most other nations now, is opening up once more after the COVID-19 lockdown, but under new preventative measures to ensure the safety of all.

In theme parks that includes temperature checks for visitors, social distancing, wearing a mask and absolutely no screaming on the roller coasters. 

It may seem impossible, but Japan’s new guidelines published by the East and West Japan Themepark Associations at the end of May encourage everyone to ‘please scream inside their heart’ when enjoying the rides. 

Image from Wikimedia Commons

To prove that indeed it could be done, the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park published a video of two of its executives riding the Fujiyama coaster. 

Although the two executives, dressed in business smart attire seem calm and collected – as if they were on a regular commute to work and not instead on the second fastest roller coaster ride of the world – people are still skeptical if it is even possible to not even let out a peep on this blood whirling ride!

You can see the video below:

The Fujiyama is 79m tall, which makes it the tallest roller coaster since its opening in 1996, and holds the record for the biggest drop of 70m. Also in its first year of opening, it was deemed the fastest roller coaster in the world until the Tower of Terror by Queensland’s Dreamworld beat it. 

Some visitors claimed that Fuji-Q Highland’s request for its visitors to not make any noise while on the coasters was impossible, according to The Wall Street Journal. But after the release of their video showing their two calm executives managing just fine, many others are instead taking it as a challenge to do the same and sharing their attempts on social media. 

Here, one person is bragging with his arms crossed on the Fujiyama ride: 

“I was laughing all the time except here.”

Do you think you could also manage to keep in your screams on this extreme roller coaster? 

If you’re a fan of roller coasters, check out how this man in Ohio used his time in quarantine to build his own in-home 13ft roller coaster here

Featured image screenshot via Youtube Fuji-Q Highland Official富士急ハイランド公式 

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