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One Small Step for Safe Prostitute Sex, One Giant Leap for Legalised Brothels

Prostitutes start website reviewing clients.

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Prostitutes are banding together to start a website that reviews their clients. The judged, discriminated and incredibly naughty have come together to compare pros and cons of their patrons. The potential of this website is huge, especially for warning other prostitutes about assaults, robberies, and violence. The website even provides the phone numbers of their reviewed clients, minus the last two digits. This website has potential to offer a safe environment for every prostitute and could be one of the first steps towards legalized brothels.

Every man and woman should feel safe and prostitution is no exception. The argument is that this website could categorize people like a food item off a menu. However, it’s important to recognize whether your clients are crazy or not. One prostitute found reviews for a sinister client and because of this website, she didn’t book the creep.

Controversy over prostitutes having a voice in their sponsors is ridiculous. People criticize everything from sex toys on Amazon to food, so what about the good and bad sex clients? No one wants to end up with a felon or worst of all, the World of Warcraft South Park guy.

Prostitute Empowerment

Prostitutes are oppressed, persecuted and shamed. They are a minority that deserves to feel safe and secure. If legalized brothels that ensure sanitary and safe environments doesn’t become a priority for President Trump, at least there is the idea of a website to weed out the weirdos. Contemporary society has categories and reviews for porn (The South Park Warcraft guy told me this, I promise) yet people are fussing over prostitutes trying to protect themselves. People may not like what these men and women do, but no one should have to experience rape, assault, violence, or robbery.

If you enjoyed this article on prostitutes, check out this dude calling the cops on a lady that denied him the full 30 minutes. He probably wasn’t worth it.

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