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Oldest Surviving Film in History Has Been Upscaled and Colored

Youtuber upgrades oldest video in history.

The oldest recorded video in history known as the “Roundhay Garden Scene” has been upscaled to 60 frames per second.

Youtuber and video editor, Denis Shiryaev, upgraded the 1888 low-quality footage. For the first time in history, someone improved the quality of this black-and-white film.

Mr Shiryaev expressed this task took attention and a process of cutting, aligning, and centering the individual images in the frames. 

Additionally, he took careful steps to adjust the video’s brightness, boosted it to a higher revolution, and finally looped the result.

Originally, Louis le Prince shot this film at 12 frames per second. In fact, he was using a motion picture camera of his own invention.

The video depicts the home of Joseph and Sarah Whitley in Roundhay, Leeds, United Kingdom. It features this couple along with Le Prince’s son and Harriet Hartley. 

Although this film lasts exactly 2.11 seconds, it now captures the essence of olden days with a stroke of color and modernity.

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