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New Footage Of Mario Kart Ride At Super Nintendo World

I’m-a Winner!

NintendoCade Gaming / YouTube

It’s time to get excited – Super Nintendo World in Japan has opened its highly anticipated Mario Kart ride! Due to COVID, it is clearly not visited by people from all over the world, but we still get a look at it with this new clip so we know what to expect when things improve!

First, check out this awesome overview of the ride.

Wow, they did not forget a single detail! Now, check the video out below for a full, in-depth video of the ride and what the experience is actually like!

This looks so fun! The augmented reality really plays a part in making the rider feel like they are in the game. The ride provides multiple features and tracks, like Bowser’s Castle, Rainbow Road, underwater scenes, the classic pipes, and so much more! 

IF you have ever wanted to feel like you are Mario, or a notorious other character, and ride around these tracks, this is your dream come true. The park includes other fun rides, such as Yoshi’s Adventure, allowing something fun for the whole family!

Here’s to hoping the end of this pandemic is near and soon we can all go and throw shells at each other in this spectacular Mario Kart ride! If you found this article interesting, check out this one on the best video games of 2020!

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