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First Ever Flat-Earthers’ Convention Held In NC…And Wow

They cannot be serious.

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Oh no, the Flat-Earthers are back at it again, and this time with their very own international conference event.

For those of who have never heard of the Flat Earth Movement, consider yourself lucky. The organization is comprised of a bunch of weirdoes who staunchly believe the Earth is flat. They think that the chances of falling off of the planet are imminent. Extremely surprisingly, the movement has been gaining momentum thanks to celebrity support and now a global conference.

Not quite sure why the popularity of this idea is growing, however. One person has yet to literally fall off the face of the Earth.

Recently, the inaugural Flat Earth International Conference was held in Raleigh, North Carolina. The event lasted three days and included numerous panel discussions. Here are a few of the talks people could sit in on: “NASA and Other Space Lies”, “Flat Earth with the Scientific Method”, and “Waking Up to Mainstream Science Lies”. Sounds like a doozy.

The point of the conference was to raise awareness of Flat Earth ideas and mingle with people who share similar beliefs. In reality, it seems like it was actually just a room full of people discussing their faith in theories that have already been proven wrong many, many times over.

The tagline for the event sounds especially enticing:

“Join us this November to learn why we dissent from the spinning heliocentric theory of cosmology.

At the 2018 Flat Earth International Conference, we will uncover and debunk pseudo-scientific “facts” while presenting true evidence which shockingly points to our existence on a flat, stationary plane.”

With this many oddballs gathered in one place, BBC just had to send a team over to cover the action. The team was able to obtain an interview with Mark Sargent who publishes videos on YouTube promoting Flat Earth theories. He is basically royalty within the movement and has 40,000 channel subscribers.

Watch what he has to say right here:

Credit: YouTube

Wow, after watching that interview, how can you not join the Flat-Earthers ASAP! Why doesn’t this guy do more publicity?

With all the other unbelievably believed theories out there, who knows what group of weirdoes Earth will be graced with next.

Check out these Reddit users who are calling for the Flat-Earthers group to have their own reality show.

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