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Climate Change Is Real And It’s Going To Threaten “Human Life” By 2050

If we continue destroying the Earth, we may not live to see past 2050.

Climate Change – Yup, you read that completely right… our lives are in danger and we have no one to blame but ourselves

This is not “new” information that climate change is ruining the planet nor is it not the first time scientists have warned us about this. Ocean temperatures are drastically rising an weather events are becoming more severe. Climate change was always a serious issue and it’s only now are we finally realizing how consequential it is.

Australian scientists recently released a new report on the current status of climate change, and revealed that if we continue to go the direction we are right now, it threatens “premature extinction of Earth”. This is extremely alarming and SERIOUS meaning it should be a wake-up call for everyone living on this Earth to change their ways.

Climate change

The report was published by Melbourne think-tank Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration. It warns that ecosystems all over the world from the Arctic to the Amazon will have accelerated temperatures. This will cause billions of people to be relocated or on a higher scale, cause human civilization to end because the destructions are too severe for us to alter.

Admiral Chris Barrie, the former chief of the Australian military, even supported this powerful report by saying that climate change is most likely to destroy humankind than any nuclear war. He states, “Today’s 7.5 billion human beings are already the most predatory species that ever existed, yet the global population has yet to peak and may reach 10 billion people, with dire implications absent a fundamental change in human behavior”.

It is time for humans to take a serious step back and re-evaluate because if we continue to take a blind eye and damage the Earth, it’ll reach a point to where we can’t turn back and it’s too late.

Climate change
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