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Artist Works Out How Tall Godzilla Must Be to Stand In the Ocean

Artist Works Out How Tall Godzilla’s Legs Must Be For Iconic 2019 Scene.

Godzilla defies physics in scene from 2019 movie.
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Has Godzilla’s powers extended to walking on water? Or has our beloved monster not skipped leg day at the gym? Theories delve into ways Godzilla could be defying physics in iconic scenes.

An artist pointed out the inaccuracies in the movie Godzilla: King of Monsters, which has been circulating due to the upcoming new movie Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire being released on March 29th.

There are shots of Godzilla standing “on the water” when approaching a boat of people. However, critics have noticed that it would be impossible if he was standing in the middle of the ocean because his legs are not long enough.

This hilarious graphic sent the die-hard action fan base into a frenzy!

As @omgitsspidey simply put it: “One does not question a God.”

One user (@j_lee206), said, “Did we consider him pedaling/kicking his feet extra fast like he’s playing waterpolo?”

Which, of course, gives us this mental image

Was Godzilla really an all-powerful titan who could defy physics or was he simply floating?

The audience got to see a different perspective of this scene in the official promotion posters, where you can see several ships surrounding him and nothing around, suggesting they are in pretty deep water.

Godzilla defies physics in water.
Official 2019 Godzilla Movie Poster. Credit: Warner Bros.

It could have been the leftover propelling force from his fast swim from the depths of the ocean. Although, wouldn’t the atomic breath push him down below the surface of the ocean? Is he crushing any fish while doing this?

The creators of this franchise are leaving us with many questions. The hope is that the next movie could maybe answer them, but it seems unlikely he would need to be in the ocean again if it is centered around him and Kong’s duality.

Fans love Godzilla’s signature laser/atomic breath move. They have recreated it for the holidays! Very creatively, they made a Smoke-Breathing Godzilla Christmas Tree inspired by Godzilla’s power. Maybe Godzilla could employ the tree as his sidekick to help defeat Kong!

While it’s true that Godzilla’s portrayal in “Godzilla: King of Monsters” may raise some questions about the physics of his movements, it’s important to remember that he is a fictional creature with supernatural abilities. In the world of monster movies, we often suspend disbelief to enjoy the spectacle and grandeur of these larger-than-life creatures.

It can be seen as a stylistic choice by the filmmakers to emphasize his awe-inspiring presence. By showcasing him in this manner, they aim to create a sense of wonder and demonstrate his immense power. While critics may point out the technicalities regarding Godzilla’s leg length and how it relates to him standing in deep water, it’s worth appreciating that movies like these prioritize entertainment value over scientific accuracy.

Although the answer to this question is still at large, I’m continuing to think Godzilla has the same buoyancy as this happy floating crocodile.

Maybe they’re distantly related?

Either way, this will go into the movie mistake Hall of Fame alongside all of the other breaks in the fourth wall in movies.

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