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Ancient Crocodile’s Final Meal Revealed As A Dinosaur

The fossil of an ancient crocodile has revealed that ita last meal was in fact a dinosaur.

Ancient Crocodile's Final Meal Revealed To Be A Dinosaur (@australianageofdinosaurs/Facebook)

An ancient crocodile from 95 million years ago final meal has been reveal to be a dinosaur.

According to the Daily Mail, inside of the stomach of an ancient crocodile fossil, the official name being ‘Confractosuchus sauroktonos,” was identified as the body of a small dinosaur.

Of course the dinosaur-eating  predator is native to areas in Australia, which proves it to be a land cursed by monsters long ago.

The fossils of the crocodile and its final meal was found in Queensland near a geological deposit.

Experts claim that the Confractosuchus sauroktonos would have been around 8.5 feet long with a diet consisting of meat which puts dinosaurs at the top of the menu.

Experts cannot confirm whether the dinosaur was killed by being eaten or if the crocodile stumbled upon a meaty carcass and decided to help itself. The crocodile was confirmed to not be at full maturity which speaks to its size and diet at the time. 

The dinosaur that unfortunately became the last meal of the crocodile was identified as a ornithopod. This proves that while the two creatures lived side by side, the dinosaur was considered the ‘easy meal.’

‘The discovery of a small juvenile ornithopod in the gut contents of a Cretaceous-aged crocodile is extremely rare, as only a handful of examples of dinosaur predation are known globally.’

People don’t very often consider that was a time where an animal that we are familiar with in modern times lived along side ancient creatures like dinosaurs.

It seems that not much has changed for crocodiles over the years as a predatory species except their menu options.

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