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An Author Believes Most Serial Killers Are Taureans

Serial killers are always fascinating to learn more about.

Books and TV shows have dominated the subject of serial killers for several decades now. No matter what, we are always fascinated to learn more about them. Some people take this obsession with serial killers and learning more about their similarities very seriously. One British author decided to research whether or not zodiac signs really do play a role in linking their tendencies together.

According to a source at, a British author named David Jester has dedicated the past two years of his career to researching serial killers. He found that many of the most famous serial killers were actually Taureans, though not all were. One thing that really stood out were the “two dates 24 April and 18 February-with most killers born on these days” ( 1). Looking into the most notable ones in the U.S. and UK, there are plenty to choose from. More than anything, I think what binds serial killers together is something more like a chemical imbalance in their brains or childhoods that set these behaviors in motion.

Some Of The Most Notable Serial Killers

Jbarta. H.H.Holmes. August 5, 2013. Retrieved via
H.H. Holmes, born on MayMay 16, 1861. He was a Taurus.

Some of the most notorious serial killers and their rap sheets:

H. H. Holmes – said to be the first modern serial killer in the US, he created a murder castle – a devous man who chased money

Michael Ryan who was the individual behind The Hungerford Massacre. He armed himself with assault rifles, killing his community before killing himself

David Copeland is known as the London Nail Bomber – a Neo-Nazi who killed anyone who wasn’t white

Karla Homolka was a Canadian serial killer who raped and murdered children with her husband

Albert Fish was one of the most well-known serial killers in the US – he was a child rapist and a cannibal. Lovely

Levi Bellfield (Born May 17, 1968): A child killer and rapist in the United Kingdom.

Orville Lynn Majors (Born April 24 1961):

Robert Black (Born April 21, 1947): A Scottish serial killer and paedophile.

Steve Wright (Born April 24 1958): An English serial killer who raped and murdered several women.

Martha Beck (Born, May 6, 1920)

Ward, Amelia. Author Claims Most Serial Killers Are Taurus. February 7, 2020. Retrieved via
Avranham. Robert Black.October 30, 2007. Retrieved via
Robert Black, born April 21, 1947. He was also a Taurus.

So Are The Signs Really A Factor?

So, did all of this really prove that most serial killers are Taureans? No. Astrological signs linking some of these people together is a cool idea to research. However, it is ultimately shown that there is, so far, no true link as to why some people are this way. I really believe that childhoods, traumatic events, and chemicals in the brain are better links to explain why people turn into these monsters. But the truth is, those may not be factors in every case either. There probably never will be a concrete answer because people are complex and have their reasons, all differentiating one from the other. Just like mass shooters, there isn’t always going to be an answer to the question of why they did these acts. Although it is interesting to think about, I’ll stick to reading fiction books about them.

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