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900 Cars Pay-It Forward at a Dairy Queen in Minnesota, Bringing Some Kindness to 2020

Even during one of the darkest years in history, there has been some acts of kindness.

[Credit: KARE 11/YouTube]

Well, here we are. The last two weeks of the year are upon us. This is usually one of the best times of the year, a season for miracles, cheer, and magic. There are lights everywhere, smells of traditional foods wafting through the air, and people trying to put in a little extra effort to make those around them happy. Then, here came 2020. The start of a new decade, a fresh start for all of us. We all know that hasn’t been the case. COVID-19 has completely changed the world. It has taken loved ones, colleagues, and friends from all of us or from someone we know. The pain and grief of it all has been overwhelming. But through all of this, there have been a few moments of light, hope, and kindness.

A Dairy Queen in Minnesota saw more than 900 car pay-it-forward event in their drive-through. The amazing act of generosity continued for two days in a row. This not only brightened customers spirits but also the employees’ spirits as well. Being in times of COVID, I think, helped keep this going for as long as it did.

900 Car Chain Reaction of Kindness

[Credit: KARE 11/YouTube]
[Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr]

Tina Jenson runs two of these restaurants and had this to say about the pay-it-forward phenomenon, including how her staff reacted:

I think this touched a lot of people that we didn’t even know it touched, deeper than we know. And you don’t know what’s going on in a person’s life. There’s all different types of ways to help people. Our kitchen crew was like, ‘Are we really still going?’ I said, ‘Yep, we’re still going’. Especially now and how things have been going this year, it definitely helped us here in the store with our crew members. Very excited for them. No matter what hard times anyone is going through, just take care of each other, you know, that’s what it is… take care of each other.

Tina Jenson

Assistant store manager Sandra Quam talks about her experience and how this made everyone feel to be apart of it.

We started just asking and encouraging and letting them know, you know, ‘It’s been five cars, it’s been 15 cars, it’s been 30 cars. And you know people starting getting excited about it and it just continued.

Sandra Quam

COVID-19 has taken or postponed a lot of things from all of us, not seeing our families for the holidays is on everyone’s minds right now I’m sure. If you’re lucky enough to live with yours though, treasure it this year even more. If you’re out, maybe think about holding a door open for someone or paying for their coffee or meal. You never know what people around you are going through and what is going on in their lives. A little kindness is never a bad thing and we could all use a little extra this year. However you celebrate this year, please be safe. We haven’t turned the corner yet on COVID-19 so stay vigilant. Happy Holidays everyone!

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