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What is Graham Hancock’s ‘Ancient Apocalypse’ on Netflix About?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Everyone should try to learn about the mysteries of this world via a Netflix docuseries twice a year. Not only will it keep you informed about things you have to see to believe, but it also informs you on how you can help protect the present-day from the travesties that erased most of the past.

The series is currently trending on the streaming site’s Top 10 TV series list.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ancient Apocalypse.

Ancient Apocalypse synopsis

From Indonesia’s Gunung Padang to Turkey’s Derinkuyu, Graham Hancock investigates prehistoric communities and locations that are believed to have disappeared without a trace. The determined journalist aims to uncover how these civilizations became reduced to ashes and if there are any remnants of these civilizations that time failed to eliminate.

Hancock’s ultimate goal is to understand what types of apocalyptic events may have provided to the fall of such legendary locations. May it be the deadly meteor showers or the spread of human disease, Ancient Apocalypse will analyze all possibilities.

Currently, the series consists of eight episodes, each with a runtime of thirty minutes. The show also has an age rating of TV-MA, so it’s probably best to keep the younger ones away from it.

Lastly, Netflix has neither approved nor denied if additional installments of this title will be on the way just yet. However, you will get to know it from our site when or if the site does.

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