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Will There Be Another Season Of The Babysitter? Netflix Has To Say Something!

Let’s break your confusion about Netflix successful series ‘The Babysitter’. Netflix has to say something about the sequal of this.

The Babysitter, The Babysitter Season 2
Image Source: Netflix

It’s exciting to hear about the possibility of another installment in The Babysitter series! McG, the director behind The Babysitter and The Babysitter: Killer Queen, hinted at the potential for a third movie in a recent interview with

The first film, released in 2017, struck a chord with horror enthusiasts due to its witty script and the fantastic chemistry between Samara Weaving (Bee) and Judah Lewis (Cole). The cast, including Hana Mae Lee, Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell, and Andrew Bachelor, delivered killer performances, blending comedy with blood-curdling horror.

Three years later, The Babysitter: Killer Queen hit screens, bringing back Lewis and the ensemble cast, along with surprises like Emily Alyn Lind and a surprise appearance by Samara Weaving towards the film’s end. McG hinted at exploring Cole’s evolving emotions and hinted at a potential third chapter in his character’s journey.

While McG didn’t divulge details about Cole’s progression in the speculated third film, he hinted at exploring different stages of Cole’s life. Speculations point toward a continuation of the story, likely bringing back familiar faces, including Weaving, perhaps in a cameo role.

The charm of Bee’s demon-worshipping pals and the central role of Weaving as Bee herself make it plausible for their return, even if in smaller capacities.

As for the direction of the story, there’s potential to delve into Cole’s evolving feelings and experiences, considering his growth from an adolescent to someone navigating love and maturity. There’s a palpable anticipation among fans for another installment, hoping to witness the continuation of this thrilling and humorous horror saga.

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