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What Powers Does Gomez Addams Have in the ‘Addams Family’?

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Charles Addams, the creator of the Adams Family, developed the character Gomez Florencia Addams. He is the father figure of the Addams family, in the 1930s for The New Yorker magazine.

In the Netflix series Wednesday, Gomez has not displayed any magical powers yet in the first season. But it is still speculated that he has some. We don’t have any evidence of him having such abilities so far.

He appears to be a part of Nevermore as an Outcast because of familial ties rather than talent. However, we might get to see his powers in the upcoming season.

He is an experienced fencer. His mastery of the sword is quite popular and recorded. Sometimes in situations where others could immediately freeze up, Gomez seems to be quite clever and quick to think.

He is just an eccentric and quirky individual like the rest of his family and merely a monster.

Gomez appears to be a human Outcast in the Wednesday series who’s descended from psychics, warlocks, and witches. His daughter, Wednesday is a psychic, and his brother, Fester, can create electricity. So that can be a gesture about him being a psychic as well. His outcast species will only be confirmed in season 2.

Although Gomez hasn’t actually demonstrated any of his unique powers yet, we sense that he truly might be an outcast with psychic skills because of his hereditary predisposition. However, unlike his wife and daughter, he probably doesn’t have any magical or psychic abilities.

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