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Did the Westworld Creators Just Reveal the Entire Season Two Plot?

Westworld season 2 unveil? Surely not!

Credit: HBO

They didn’t want their die-hard fans guessing the plot to season two of Westworld, so show-runners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy promised to unveil the entire goings-on of the upcoming season.

As reported on Reddit, the two insisted that problems were arising as the lines between theories and spoilers blurred. The only way to solve the issue was to explain “everything, the whole sordid thing, upfront.”

And you might be sitting there thinking that’s madness. Why would the people who created the show want to ruin it for their viewers before the season had even had episode one aired? Surely they want people to be talking about their show and coming up with their own theories?

Well, you’d be right, of course, they didn’t give away the entire season two plot.

A 25-minute-long video would seem to be the big reveal they promised and for the first couple of minutes, it shows Bernard/Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) waking up confused on a corpse-covered beach.

However, pretty soon into the video, the ‘unveiling’ takes a strange turn as the following 20-plus minutes feature a dog sitting at a piano with music playing in the background.

And this isn’t the first time Jonathan Nolan has trolled his fans, so maybe they need to watch their back and be a little less gullible!

It would seem Westworld creators have taken somewhat a large amount of pleasure in winding up their fans with the new prank video, and you can see it for yourself here:

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