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Watch ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Recap All Of Season 1 For You!

Ahead of Season 2. Perfect!

Warning- ‘Stranger Things’ spoilers ahead! 

If you still haven’t caught up with the hit show, get your arse over to Netflix and binge-watch Season 1 right now! Believe me, you’ll be glued to your screen.

However, for those of you in need of a recap ahead of Season 2, we have good news! The whole ‘Stranger Things’ cast created a short video to do exactly that. (Gosh Netflix, you know exactly what we need.)

The recap will remind you of some very important details. These will be vital to know in time for Season 2 arriving on October 27th.

The video covers everything; Will’s disappearance, Eleven’s powers, The Upside Down and Barb’s death. (Sob!)

Relieve the ‘Stranger Things’ phenomena!


If, like me, this has given you the excuse to rewatch Season 1, go ahead!

After all, it’s not often shows this binge-worthy come along!


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