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WATCH: James Franco’s Acting In ‘The Disaster Artist’ Is Spot On

Scene-by-scene comparisons are unreal.

Credit: The Disaster Artist

James Franco’s new movie The Disaster Artist takes us inside 2003 movie The Room as it happened. Franco’s talent has lent itself well to this project. He manged to recreate exact scenes with no noticeable difference between them. Check out this comparison: 

This acting or over acting as some might call it perfectly captures the intentions of this project. The goal to recreate a movie that originally failed so terribly may have seemed crazy. However, the effort put into the movie by Franco and the rest of the cast and crew has turned this unique project into a great artistic commentary.

This movie brings up the question of what makes a piece of art such as cinema fail and what makes it succeed. At a time where Hollywood is constantly churning out reboots, remakes, and unwanted sequels The Disaster Artist is a breath of fresh air. It gives us something we haven’t seen before. However, James Franco’s acting makes us feel as if we had.

Franco himself has had many flops as well as successes in the movie industry. Yet, he has managed to become a household name. His acting in this new movie proves he truly deserves it. I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing quite as well recreating this part.

The Disaster Artist enters cinemas December 8 so check it out and if you’re interested in what else James Franco has been up to check out James Franco’s horror film The Vault.    

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