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‘Warrior Nun’: Why Did Netflix Cancel the Show and Wil There Be a Season 3?

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Image Credit: Netflix

Warrior Nun was canceled because of the viewership. The outlet notes that the show’s rating performance is similar to that of other Netflix originals that have also been canceled.

After the release of season 2, the series spent only three weeks in the top 10 and peaked at #5. Although that’s an achievement, it’s nothing compared to the other hit series on the streamer that is bringing in lots of money.

Fans are now tired of hearing the line of reasoning that blames everything on low viewership because it’s becoming lame. The fans know they tuned in, but they also understand that the streamer released the new season without much promotion. When decisions like this are made so close after release without an attempt to market to a broader audience, fans get hurt. And cancellations are even more hurtful because they’re hitting special shows that talk about underrepresented communities.

If Netflix had decided to green-light Warrior Nun for a second and final season from the get-go, fans wouldn’t have to face the increasingly strict standards set by media companies as they continue tightening their purse strings.

Will there be a Warrior Nun season 3?

Unfortunately, there will not be a third season of Warrior Nun on Netflix. This series is a Netflix original, so it’s unlikely that the series could find a new home with another streaming service or network. So, In these weird streaming times, everything remains uncertain.

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