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Vin Diesel Hopes the ‘Fast And Furious’ Finale Movies Are The Best Ever Made

Hold on, this will be a pretty emotional ride.

Credit: The Fast Saga / YouTube

If there are two things Vin Diesel definitely cares about, it’s family and quality. The iconic Fast and Furious movie series will soon be coming to a close with a two-movie finale. The series is known for its heartfelt characters, awesome cars, and intriguing storylines. The first movie released in 2001, which was crazily enough 20 years ago! 

Vin Diesel, aka Dom Toretto, spoke to Unilad on the upcoming film:

That was fun,

How do I feel… I feel so grateful and so blessed. At the same time, so inspired to attempt to make the best movie that’s ever been made as the finale, the two-part finale. 

So it’s a combination really, Cameron: in one part, extreme gratitude; and a disbelief that it would even be possible. I was lifting DVD players, I was engaged in illegal street car races, and now the world watches Dom put his son to sleep.

Diesel also spoke on the beautifully-captured and emotional finale scene of Furious 7 that respectfully said goodbye to the late Paul Walker:

It might be the best moment in cinematic history – not just in my career but in cinematic history. Men around the world were allowed to – everyone was able to cry – but men around the planet, for the first time in history, were able to cry together.

I feel grateful, I feel blessed, sometimes I feel in pure disbelief, but I feel so deeply inspired. I just wanna make the world proud with the finale, and more importantly, I want to make Pablo (Walker) proud with the finale,

Wow, beautiful, touching, and true words from Diesel! The ninth film, F9, releases June 24 in the UK and June 25th in the US. Check out the trailer below and grab your tickets now!

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