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“Unstable” Starring Rob Lowe: Release Date, Cast, Official Teaser, and Much More

Image Source: Netflix

Unstable, a new Netflix comedy series based on Rob Lowe’s and his son’s relationship, has been in production for a while, but the network has just now revealed a teaser and the launch date for the series. The plot centers on Rob Lowe, who plays an eccentric father and biotech entrepreneur, and John Owen Lowe, who portrays his son and joins his father’s business to save it from certain failures. 


The following is the cast list taken from the Netflix press release:

  • Rob Lowe as Ellis Dragon, the CEO of a successful biotech corporation.
  • John Owen Lowe as Jackson Dragon, a young man with social difficulties who works for his father, Ellis.
  • Sian Clifford as Anna Bennet, Ellis’s company’s CFO.
  • Rachel Marsh plays Luna Castillo, a shy biotech engineer who likes working with Ruby, her friend and research partner.
  • Emma Ferreira as Ruby Rosario, a cheerful and enthusiastic biotech genius.
  • Aaron Branch as Malcolm Drummond, Jackson’s friend and the project manager for the revolutionary idea that the biotech business has been developing.
  • Fred Armisen as Leslie, the board-appointed therapist for Ellis.
  • JT Parr as Chaz and Tom Allen as TJ are Ellis’ rivals and less intelligent brothers. 


In the Unstable teaser, the Lowes introduce the series, their roles, and their on-screen chemistry. Although the footage isn’t technically an official teaser, viewers will get a sense of humor from the series when it launches in March as they listen to the real-life father and son conversation.

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Release Date

On February 3, 2023, Netflix announced an upcoming comedy series, “Unstable,” to debut on March 30 Thursday. The first season of Unstable will include eight half-hour episodes, and they will air on Netflix at 12 a.m. PT/3 a.m. ET.

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