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Two Years in the Making! Watch Storm Chaser Mike Olbinski’s Latest Spectacular Time-lapse Film

“There is peace even in the storm…”

Youtube / Mike Olbinski

If you’re into storm chasing and magnificent time-lapse videos, then you’ve probably heard of Mike Olbinski. The latest instalment of Olbinski’s Monsoon series is here, and just like the others, it’s mind-blowing.

The culmination of two years of work chasing the summer storm season in his home-state Arizona, Monsoon 6 is 8 minutes and 35 seconds of pure visual beauty.

Olbinski writes that the 2020 storm chasing season was a tough one:

I’ve never spent two years making a Monsoon film before, so this was a first. Part of it was wanting to put out the best possible film I could, but a good chunk of it was the fact our recent summer storm seasons have been subpar at best, with 2020 the worst I can remember…

Luckily for me, August 16th, 2020 happened and we scored a fantastic haboob chase from Casa Grande to Gila Bend along Interstate 8. It was what I had been hoping and praying for to complete this film. That was the only legit haboob day of the past two years and I’m glad I was there for it!

For the uninitiated, “haboobs” are intense sand-and-dust storms, most commonly observed between May and September. The name originates from Arabic to describe the violent wind blowing that occurs in Sudanese summertime.

Image credit: Youtube / Mike Olbinski
Image credit: Youtube / Mike Olbinski

Monsoon 6 is the result of 30,000+ miles travelled, hundreds of thousands of time-lapse frames captured, and 60+ days storm chasing. As for the technical details, Olbinski used two Canon 5DSRs along with a Sony A7R3 for a couple lightning sequences.

Image credit: Youtube / Mike Olbinski

Music by Péter Nánási elevates the majesty of the beautiful downbursts, epic supercell storm, and gorgeous moments of light and rich colours captured by Olbinski.

Image credit: Youtube / Mike Olbinski

Check out more of Mike Olbinski’s work on his website or head over to his Youtube channel to enjoy the rest of his magical storm time-lapses!

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