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Tiger King Set to Return For Second Season

It’s back, but not as we know it.

Credit: Netflix

Good Morning Britain topped its previous record for relevant British journalism by revealing that Tiger King is returning for a second season.

The second series, picking up after Joe Exotic’s imprisonment, will reportedly focus on the attempts to clear the controversial zookeeper and now international celebrity’s name.

Season one quickly became one of Netflix’s biggest successes to date, being watched by over 34 million people in its first 10 days. Perhaps as a result, or perhaps because of the sheer fascinating weirdness of the zookeeper with three husbands in prison for attempted murder, a slew of new Joe exotic shows have been announced recently, including an eight part series starring Nicholas Cage.

But despite this rapid expansion of the Tiger King Cinematic Universe, it’s taken until now for confirmation of a second series of the show which brought Joe Exotic to worldwide infamy. While complicated by Joe’s imprisonment for trying to have Carole Baskin killed, his husband Dillon Passage revealed the show will feature phone calls with the eccentric zookeeper, but no new footage.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Dillon revealed: “I’ve done a little bit of filming for that. I do not know the release date but it’s going to be very interesting because it will tell a little bit of Joe’s arrest and afterwards.

“I know there’s going to be some phone call recordings of Joe that is going to be in it. There is no filming since he’s incarcerated.”

It’s difficult to see the next series being quite as wild without its main attraction. Sadly though, unless his lawyers can prove the existence of an electorally significant Tiger King demographic, Exotic’s appeal for a presidential pardon seems unlikely to succeed. 

That’s not the only way the second series, which is still yet to be officially confirmed, will be different. Main rival of The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, Carole Baskin, also seems unlikely to return, following her criticisms of the first season as ‘salacious and sensational’.

Even the zoo itself has been closed to the public, following what owner Jeff Lowe called targeting by ‘every nutjob and animal rights loon in the world’.

Would you watch more Tiger King if it’s missing most of what made the first season so iconic? You might not have a choice, if you fall victim to Netflix’s new shuffle feature.

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