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‘The Walking Dead’ Airs Its Last Ever Episode: Did It Live Up to the Hype?

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After over a decade of existence on our screens, The Walking Dead is finally over. The hour-long series finale is a surprisingly action-packed, emotional rollercoaster that will leave fans begging for more!

Unlike every other long episode of season 11C, the finale doesn’t seem to begin with a monologue from Judith. Instead, it does end up kicking off right where the ultimate episode, “Family,” had ended. The group was previously cornered by the Commonwealth and is also attacked by the variant zombies, and we had also witnessed them being overrun by the walkers.

Nobody seems to be safe. All plot armor is gone, except for those characters now set to appear in spinoffs. I genuinely felt afraid for several of the characters, and my fear was indeed vindicated. Not everyone will make it out alive. Jules is bitten and loses to a rush of walkers attacking. And Luke gets bitten while trying to save her. The group, however, manages to get Luke away, but he is already too far gone and ultimately passes away while surrounded by Yumiko, Kelly, and Magna. All of them had been a part of his group since he was introduced in season 9. It turns into a heart-breaking moment which creates the ambiance for the rest of the battle.

The finale would undoubtedly leave everyone begging for more, or most of the fans at least. Although it is impossible to make everyone happy, every character got their own time and space on the screen. The plot seemed conclusive, but it also looked like there could be more.

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