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The Venture Bros. Returns With a Feature-Length Finale

The Grand Return of The Venture Bros.

Credit: Adult Swim

After years of absence, the Adult Swim classic is finally returning with a feature-length film. (Spoilers for seasons 6-7 of The Venture Bros.)

The long-awaited Venture Brothers movie has received a trailer. A film to wrap up the loose ends of the series has been teased since the series’ cancellation in 2018. The fan’s wishes have been granted as the Venture brothers’ film has a full trailer and a title. The movie is titled: “Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart.”

A History Lesson

For those uninitiated, The Venture Brothers is an Adult Swim animated series created in 2004. Venture Bros. ran for seven seasons across fourteen years. While the series began as a thinly veiled parody of the Hannah Barbera classic Johnny Quest, The Venture Brothers quickly gained an identity of its own. Over the course of its several seasons, the characters and the writing of the Venture Bros. have grown to make the show the cult classic it is today. The Venture Bros. has grown from an episodic parody to a heavily serialized masterclass of character writing. Characters from the series like Brock Samson or The Monarch have become pop culture icons. The writing chops of Doc Hammer and Jackson Public, the creators of the series are still being shared around via clips on twitter. The show has been running for almost 20 years, which for an adult cartoon, is impressive. Few shows that aren’t Family Guy, South Park, or The Simpsons can claim such a tenure.

Loose Ends (Spoilers Warning!)

After the finale of season 7 in 2018 Fans were left with many questions. The whereabouts of Hank Venture is unknown, though the recently released trailer teased an answer. In the trailer, a strike team led by Brock Samson is searching for the still-missing Hank. Two loose ends involve the fan favorite Monarch, who achieved level 10 villain status at the end of the final episode. The first of which is what will come from his new status, which he spent the past two seasons fighting for. Will the Monarch return to arching Doctor Thaddeus Venture? And what will become of the both of them with the reveal that the two are, in fact, brothers? These questions are dangled in front of our faces during the seventh season’s finale.

The new trailer. Image Credit: Adult Swim

However, questions from earlier in the series remain. The elusive identity of the Venture Bros. mother has been teased since the first episode. In the finale of season seven, Action Man reveals the name of the Venture Bros. mom to be Bobbi Saint Simone, a character we have yet to meet. With the upcoming film being the end of the series, the mother of the Venture Boys will likely be fully revealed. Another loose end from earlier in the series involves the reoccurring character Molotov Cocktease; who has not been seen since the Season 5 episode O.S.I. Love you. After such an essential player in the narrative just up and vanished, fans have been hoping for her to return.

The Movie

The feature-length finale has been in the works for some time. The earliest official mentions of the film date all the way back to March of 2021, when Adult Swim announced the movie had been greenlit! Months later, in October, showrunner Jackson Publick teased fans with the cover page of the film’s script.

Nico Colaleo, editor of the film, said the film has been finished since march of 2023.

The first trailer showed was off via the Adult Swim Twitter account in April of this year.

Reactions to the trailer were explosive and extremely positive. Fans have been waiting long since the series’ cancellation for a proper finale. Fans only have to wait a little longer with the film seemingly on the horizon.

When and where to watch

There is currently no release date for the film, though it will be premiering on HBOMax and Adult Swim. All seven seasons are also available to stream on HBOMax. If you’re looking to get caught up or are new to the series, it’s out there, waiting to be watched. Go, team Venture!

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