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The Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer is Finally Here

Found out when the new season is out…

Credit: Netflix

Netflix has finally released a teaser trailer for Season 4 of their hit show ‘Stranger Things’ following a delay in production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The trailer above reveals that the 4th season of the show will not premiere until 2022. Season 3 last premiered in the summer of 2019, meaning there will be a nearly 3 year gap between seasons.

Youtube / Netflix

This teaser trailer showed a peak at the new cast members who are joining the show. Netflix announced four new cast members would be joining the show, including Amy-Beth McNulty who previously had success as the title character in Netflix’s Anne with an E.

Credit: Netflix

Grace Van Dien is another newcomer who featured in the trailer. She plays ‘Chrissy’: ‘Hawkins’ High lead cheerleader and the most popular girl in school.’ But in usual Stranger Things fashion, she has a ‘dark secret’ under the surface.

The trailer also confirmed the fate of Hopper, portrayed by David Harbour after it was presumed he was killed after sacrifacing himself at the end of Season 3. An earlier teaser trailer revealed that Jim Hopper was alive in Russia, who owned the base disguised as Hawkin’s Mall.

Credit: Netflix

The Stranger Things Twitter account previously revealed some hints about the significance of clocks and time in this new season, and this wasn’t absent from the trailer either, with a large grandfather clock featured as the first clip of the new season.

Credit: Netflix

Production had already been set back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and a fire on set this month has likely set production even futher back. Thankfully, no one was injured in the large fire.

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