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The Reason Why Corinthian Takes Eyes in ‘The Sandman’

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Image Credit: Netflix

The Corinthian is a dangerous nightmare that is created by Dream. It escapes from The Dreaming realm in the first season of The Sandman. The season begins with Dream trying to hunt down the Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook). However, before the dream can take him back, he gets captured by Roderick Burgess.

Generally, the Corinthian targets the waking world and gets into all sorts of mischief. He is also a serial killer who kills people, cuts out their eyes, and later consumes them. The nightmare is one of the main villains in the show’s first season.

Although we only see it happen once, the Corinthinian is best known for taking his victim’s eyes and then eating them later on. He often does it through the creepy eye teeth he has.
The question is- why?

In the show, he tells Dream that he does it because it provides him a “taste” of what it’s like to be human. There are no proper explanations regarding this statement. However, in the comics, eating the eyes allows Corinthian to see a human’s past life, their memories, and that sort of thing. Occasionally he can also use their eyes to see the future. This can be a reason why he does it.

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