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The Problems In The Opening Sequence Of The Netflix Series ‘Lockwood & Co.’

Lockwood & Co.
Image Source: Netflix

Be sure to catch Netflix’s newest original series, Lockwood & Co., if you like thrillers with a supernatural theme. Joe Cornish, also known for co-writing Ant-Man with Edgar Wright, Adam McKay, and Paul Rudd, developed Lockwood & Co. for Netflix. The show is based on books written by British author Jonathan Stroud. Follows a group of teenagers who work as ghost hunters and patrol London’s streets to fight a deadly assortment of spooky spirits. The first season consists of eight episodes based on The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull, the series’ first two books.

The Problem is explained in the series’ opening sequence by Lockwood & Co. Ruby Stokes plays Lucy, a young girl with excellent skills at ghost-hunting, in the series, which takes place in London following the Problem. She joins the teenage-run ghost-hunting agency Lockwood & Co., which Anthony Lockwood runs. She leaves her unhappy home life. George Karim assists him. 1973 marked the first occurrence where Ghosts had killed approximately 200 people at that point, which has only grown over time. A night curfew was imposed to keep residents safe during the hours of ghost activity.

Soon, it would become clear that many young people had a unique ability to deal with ghosts. There are three distinct abilities: Sight, touch, and listening. Children between the years of seven and thirteen who serve as night watch have a Talent and use it to protect a private area. Sensitives have talent, but they are hired to find haunted places rather than use them to kill visitors. As a career, these Agents work to eliminate ghostly sources.

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The issue harmed the economy, as do all catastrophic events. DEPRAC, or the Department of Psychic Research and Control, was established due to the Problem. It studied the phenomenon and managed the ghost-hunting agencies and their agents. Fans hope this story will continue in subsequent seasons, but Lockwood & Co. has yet to be renewed.

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