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‘The Nun’ Ad Is So Scary YouTube Removed It

Is oversensitivity to blame, or is the issue deeper?

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The Nun is an upcoming horror movie that’s already causing quite the stir.

‘The Nun’ Might Be Too Scary

As the fifth installment in The Conjuring film series, The Nun has a lot to live up to. Following The Conjuring (2013) and Annabelle (2014), The Nun is yet another spin-off. But so far, it doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint. At least box office-wise.

This is in part due to the controversy that has stirred up around the film. Don’t worry, it hasn’t quite caused a “grab your pitchforks” social media mob. But it has raised some concerns.

This is due to the jumpscare that’s featured in one of the advertisements for the film on YouTube. The clip is five seconds long, unskippable, and shows a volume symbol being turned down and muted. Then, BAM, the scary nun appears. You can judge for yourself, but it’s probably not as scary with the element of choice:

Over-sensitivity, or reasonable concern?

Some took to social media to warn others with anxiety issues (or just those who are jumpscare-adverse) about the ad. Funnily enough, YouTube responded fairly quickly, and even promised to stop running it. YouTube cited their policy guidelines in removing this advertisement as content likely to shock or scare is liable for removal.

Now, some may say it takes the fun out of a good, unexpected scare. Some, I imagine, will take this as a sign of “folks being too sensitive nowadays!!”. Personally? I think it’s fine to at least warn others about short, unskippable ads intended to shock. It’s not oversensitive to want to avoid panic attacks. They’re not fun. And even if it is just a sensitivity issue, who cares? Some people just aren’t into horror.

I can’t say I’m the same, I think the movie looks awesome, but I appreciate that others don’t.

Plus, this is hardly going to hurt the filmBeing able to sell your movie as too scary to even advertise must be freaking gold for the marketing department. Really, removing one five second teaser is sort of a win-win situation.

This doesn’t mean the full-length trailer has been taken down or anything. Check it out below if you’re interested:

Finally, this is a quick tip for those who would like to avoid this issue in future. YouTube actually allows you to personalise ads! I’m not sure how effective it actually is but hey, the option is there.

If you’re a horror fiend, check out these movies on Netflix and see if they’re really too scary to sit through.

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