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‘The Circle’ Season 5: Who’s Been Blocked and Eliminated so far?

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The Circle season 5 has starred Xanthi, Brian, aka Brittney, Brett, Raven, Marvin, Sam, Chaz, and Billie Jean, aka Bruno, all moving into The Circle, where they attempt to establish connections quickly. However, before they could even get to know each other, the time came for everyone to vote for the first influencers of the season.

In a Circle first, viewers don’t get to learn the identity of the influencers immediately. Instead, each player has to name who they’d block if they were named an influencer. The twist is that everyone must publically call out who they’d block if named an influencer, and The Circle will disclose the identity of those blocked after knowing if the player is an influencer.

All of this creates an intense series of events in which we see Xanthi and Brett getting blocked by Raven and Chaz. The pair has been eliminated from the game.

However, in another twist, they’re provided with a second chance to stay in the game by teaming up with Jennifer. Jennifer is a brand new player who joins The Circle in Episode 2. Playing alongside Jennifer in the game in episode 2 is Tom, who both make waves upon arriving in The Circle.

After The Circle players become familiar with their new Circle besties, the time arrives for yet another ranking where we see Raven and Chaz again named as influencers. This time, the pair must choose who to block together, which eventually makes them eliminate Brian, aka Brittney.

So the first players to be eliminated from The Circle this season are:
Brian aka Brittney

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