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Terminator 2: Never Before Seen Back Stage Footage Has the Internet Going Wild

Just CGI or the remarkable work of cameraman?

Credit: Twitter / Eyes On Cinema

Incredible behind-the-scenes footage of Terminator 2: Judgement Day stuns fans away. 

Since its release, it continues to be a fan favorite. The film is a classic depicting action, thriller, and special effects.

It comes as a surprise then that an almost thirty-year-old movie could attract so much attention on Twitter.

Fans had to catch their breath following a post on the social platform. Footage of the film behind-the-scenes was released by the Twitter account Eyes on Cinema.

It displays one of the film’s most memorable scenes in which an all-too powerful machine chases after the protagonist.

Watch for yourself the astonishing stunts captured by the brave cameraman.

It is clear from the clip a great deal of danger that came from filming these scenes. 

However, some fans are quick to dismiss its authenticity. While some praise the camera crew, others are not so easily convinced.  

With already more than sixty-thousand views, Twitter user Perry Anderson writes, “Not buying it. This is definitely 1-45 on any Tuesday”. 

Another user disagrees writing, “Truck was flying when it went under the bridge. No safety protection for the camera crew on that shot, classic”. 

Whether you trust the source of this clip, the stunts by the camera crew and the actors stun any viewer.

CinemaBlend even compiled a list of facts about the film’s behind-the-scenes, including how actress Linda Hamilton trained with an Israeli soldier to handle weapons.

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