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‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Wasn’t Able to Top ‘Squid Games’ as the Most Watched Netflix Show of All Time

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Image Credit: Netflix

Stranger Things season 4 was a massive success for Netflix, and it generated Emmy nominations, a lot of praise, insane social media interaction, and more than 1.4 billion views. However, it wasn’t enough for the sci-fi show to overthrow Squid Game at the top of the all-time charts.

According to a new report by Variety, the second volume of Stranger Things season 4 did not smash the South Korean survival drama series’ record of 1.7 billion viewing hours.

The way by which these numbers are tabulated is a little complex. However, it mostly comes down to the number of viewership hours a series can gather in its first 28 days of release.

The fourth season finished its run with 1.4 billion viewing hours, compared to Squid Game’s 1.7 billion in the first month. What’s even more stunning is that Squid Game only contained nine episodes, equating to about eight hours of content, whereas season 4 was roughly 13 hours long because of its supersized episodes.

The Stranger Things contained almost five additional hours of content. However, it wasn’t enough to push it into the top position as the most popular Netflix season.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Stranger Things season 5 fares. It is expected to release in the summer of 2024, and we can assume that the fifth season will be the show’s last season. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if it can break that record next time.

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