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Sister Wives Season 17 Episode 15: Release Date & How To Watch

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Image Credit: TLC

Sister Wives Season 17 Episode 15 release date is close. The series revolves around a polygamist family. But in the latest episodes, we see how their bonds break apart, and they no longer stand up as a polygamist family.

Initially, we saw that Kody started living with his legal wife, Robyn, while all three other women had to stay alone with their kids. Now, in the latest episode of the series, which aired last week, we saw that Janelle and Kody are also in a relationship. Janelle stays in an RV with the kids for a long time now. This makes Kody doubtful because she has been making many familial decisions for herself and the kids.

Kody thinks that she is also heading in the path where Christine dies at one point. He asserted that she was taking decisions like a single woman while married to Kody and having kids together. Kody burst out in that episode, telling Janelle that he let it slide for so many years because she has been living like a single woman for so long, but now it is not working out for him.

Sister Wives Season 17 Episode 15 Release Date

Sister Wives Season 17 Episode 15 will be released on the 18th of December, 2022, and it will arrive on TLC at 10 PM Eastern Time. The episodes drop out on Sundays, and fans can mark this all down to keep up with the latest entries.

How to Watch Sister Wives Season 17 Episode 15

Sister Wives Season 17, Episode 15, will air live on TLC. Before tuning into this channel, fans recommended checking out the streaming details that we have provided above. TLC’s official website will upload all the episodes from the series later.

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