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Seth Rogan And James Franco Are Making A Movie About The Worst Movie Ever

This is ambitious, isn’t it?

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I’m pretty sure everyone has their own choice movie that comes to mind when anyone mentions the phrase “worst movie ever”, but The Room (2003) takes the cake for the best worst movie ever.

If you haven’t seen it, then I will personally give you my Netflix password to check it out. To get an idea of what we’re dealing with, here’s a compilation of all the funniest scenes (and serious scenes that were just too funny to be taken seriously):

Now, that you’re refreshed on how beautifully terrible this movie was, you’ll be thrilled to know that the genius minds of Seth Rogan and James Franco are doing what they do best. They’re going to make a movie about making the best worst movie of all time. Sorry, that was a mouthful. But yes, they are making a movie about The Room. Aren’t you excited?

Here’s the teaser trailer for The Disaster Artist:

You may not have high hopes for how well this movie is going to turn out. I understand. It can’t be any worse than The Room, which surprisingly still has a squadron of loyal followers who still attend midnight premieres and flashback showings. On the contrary, someone let the fact slip that The Disaster Artist is actually a contender for next year’s Oscars. Hilarious but true.

While we wait for the new release, make sure you check out The Room, so you’re all caught up on the classic and terrible storyline. My Netflix password is–just kidding, it’s actually not on Netflix. I’m sure your tech-savvy little brother or your 160-IQ-boyfriend can find it for you on the Internet.

I apologize for not giving you my Netflix password. Instead, I offer you this: Nintendo Themed Sneaker Line

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