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Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen to be Played by David Tennant in New ITV Drama

David Tennant will be playing famous serial killer Dennis Nilsen in new ITV drama series.

EMBARGOED UNTIL 00.01 23RD NOVEMBER 2019 ITV COMMISSIONS THREE PART DRAMA, DES WITH Pictured : DAVID TENNANT AS DENNIS NILSEN ITV has announced the commission of Des, a three part drama which follows the arrest and trial of serial killer Dennis Nilsen, known as Des. Written by Luke Neal and developed by Luke Neal and Lewis Arnold, the drama is based on material from the book Killing for Company by Brian Masters, which focuses on one of the most infamous cases in UK criminal history, that of serial killer Dennis Nilsen. Told through the prism of three men – Dennis Nilsen played by David Tennant (Good Omens, Broadchurch), Detective Chief Inspector Peter Jay played by Daniel Mays (Line of Duty, Temple) and biographer Brian Masters played by Jason Watkins (The Crown, The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies) – the series will explore the personal and professional consequences of coming into contact with a man like Nilsen. Nilsen murdered boys and young men in his flat from 1978 to 1983. He was undetected for five years, and it was only when DCI Peter Jay was called to 23 Cranley Gardens on 9 February, 1983, to investigate human fragments of flesh and bone clogging the drains, that the police realised they had a serial killer on their hands. Dennis Nilsen was arrested and convicted at the Old Bailey of six counts of murder and two of attempted murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, which was replaced by a whole life tariff in 1994. He died in May 2018. Told from both the police and Masters’ point of view, Des will explore how a man like Nilsen was able to prey on the young and vulnerable in 1980s Britain. The series will not only highlight the police investigation and trial but also the effect of the media coverage on public perceptions of the victims at the time, raising questions of just how far have we really come since then? Additional cast include Ron Cook, Faye McKeever, Chanel Cresswell, Barry Ward, Tony Way, Bron

Image from Huw Fullerton / radiotimes

David Tennant, the actor best known for his time as Dr Who on Dr Who will be taking an exciting direction in his next dramatic project. For this work, he will be taking on the role of Dennis Nilsen, the English serial killer. This role has meant a major change to Tennant’s appearance to best portray the role. 

Dennis Nilsen was a London based Serial Killer who killed at least 12 boys across his spree from 1978 and 1983. He was jailed at the end of this and eventually died at the age of 72. Tennant has taken on the role fully presenting a new appearance that is based mainly off of Nilsen’s mugshot. 

Nilsen attracted his victims, often homosexual and/or homeless men, with the promise of a safe space to rest or alcohol. He would often then proceed to strangle the victim, sometimes drowning them, before engaging in various sexual acts with the newly deceased corpse. From there Nilson would slowly mutilate his victim. He would often get rid of the bodily parts by flushing them down the toilet. This is how his crimes were discovered when a plumber found some human remains in a drain. 

The ITV drama will document the story of Nilsen and what brought about his crimes. It will involve a three-part series staring Jason Watkins as Brian Masters, who wrote the book Killing For Company, which details Nilsen’s horrific murders. The relationships and decisions of Nilsen are horrific and will be detailed within the series explaining how he became the necrophile he was. 

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