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‘Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement’ Plot & Release Date

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Image Credit: TV Asahi

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement is a Japanese light novel about an 18-year-old girl, Mitsuha, who is suffering from the loss of her family due to an accident. The plot revolves around her as she tries her best to live alone while battling with people who are after her parents’ insurance money.

While thinking about her life choices, she is given a unique ability through which she gains the ability to jump into different worlds. With this in mind, she aims to save 80,000 gold in another world as her retirement fund.

The Isekai novel was written by FUNA and was published by Kodansha on June 29, 2017. The story is illustrated by Tōzai, who has released seven volumes as of yet. Anime News Network praised the illustrations and the next half of the plot while criticizing some of our protagonist’s weird narrative choices.

On July 26, 2022, it was announced that this story would be released in an animated series format produced by Felix Film. It is directed by Hiroshi Tamada and is scheduled to be released on January 8, 2023, on local Japanese networks before being streamed by Crunchyroll.

Japanese fans can stream the first episode at 02:00 hrs on Sunday, January 8. Others can stream it in the following time slots,

Pacific Time: 09:00 hrs
Central Time: 11:00 hrs
Eastern Time: 12:00 hrs
Indian Standard Time: 22:30 hrs
Australian Standard Time: 04:00 hrs (January 8, 2023)

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