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Sacha Baron Cohen Explains How the Rudy Giuliani Scene in the New ‘Borat’ Almost Went Awry

Borat addresses the creepy situation and explains that there is even more to the story!

Credit: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / YouTube

Borat has made his return in the new movie Borat Subsequent Movie Film, and fans are ready! The comedy made its release on October 23rd on Amazon Prime. With many hilariously uncomfortable scenes, Borat himself –  Sacha Baron Cohen, had a lot to talk about with Stephen Colbert. Cohen reveals that the intense Rudy Giuliani scene almost went completely wrong. 

The controversial and startling scene involves Rudy Giuliani and Borat’s daughter, Tutar (Maria Bakalova) going into a hotel room. Here’s what Cohen shared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

During that scene we had built a hideaway in the wardrobe which was about 6 ft 5 in and 3 ft wide. 

I was in there for the entire scene and my only means of communication, the idea was that I would jump out at the necessary point, and I would communicate, I would know what he was doing via text messages with the director – because I had no eyes on anything. 

Rudy thought he was alone with her. He brought a cop with him, an ex-policeman, and the policeman does a sweep of the entire hotel suite. And I’m obviously running to get in there and jump in the hideaway. You know, pull this thing shut and I’ve got a little internal lock, and it’s pitch black in there. 

(The ex-policeman) does a sweep and leaves the room and the security guard sits outside the room ensuring that no one could come in and out – which is actually even more scary when you think about it for her (Bakalova). 

But the only thing was, so we’d built this hideaway, we’re all full prepared, I get in the hideaway, his security guard does the sweep, looks in the wardrobe, there’s nothing untoward – the interview starts and I switch on the phone and there’s only three percent battery. 

I thought, ‘Hold on, we’ve got Rudy Giuliani, we’ve got the President lawyer, we’ve got this scene, this is the climax of the movie, and no one thought it might be worth charging the phone?’

Cohen advises people to see the film for themselves to decide what to believe. Check out the interview below. 

Wow, what a startling situation in general! Also, check out the trailer for Borat Subsequent Movie Film

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