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Ryan Reynolds Reveals He’s Finished Writing a Deadpool Christmas Special Movie

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Ryan Reynolds has revealed that he has completed another Deadpool movie script, and is currently sitting on a Christmas instalment waiting to start making it.

Fans are starting to suspect that Ryan Reynolds is the guy who writes Deadpool even when he is not playing it. The anticipation came after he revealed that he has a whole other Deadpool movie script written and tucked away somewhere, which he hasn’t yet got round to making.

Reynolds was talking about his Christmas Musical when he casually slipped that he already had the script to a full-fledged and written Christmas Deadpool movie a few years back with the series writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The film was already been penned in 2018 but got shuffled in Disney acquiring Fox and never made. The actor still holds out hope, however, for the fans, saying that it might still get made someday, which is supposed to be presumably after Deadpool 3 hits the theatre in 2024.

It might leave some people needing clarification, thinking they already have done a Christmas Deadpool thing. Once Upon A Deadpool had been a very weird PG-13 re-edit and version of Deadpool 2, and the edit got released during the holiday season in a more effort to squeeze out a little more box-office love for the movie.

But Reynolds is now talking about a full-fledged Deadpool Christmas film which is yet again waiting to be made “one day,” as he wistfully remarked.

Deadpool 3 is on the books for November 8, 2024, release. It has been revealed that it will mark the character’s introduction to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

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