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‘The Room’ Will Be Released As A 3D Film

Tommy Wiseau’s disaster of a film, ‘The Room,’ will be re released in 3D.

Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Big news for people who enjoy watching terrible movies: ‘The Room’ will be re-released in theaters. But this time, it will be 3D.

Tommy Wiseau’s notorious cult film has been called “the worst movie of all time.” It recently came back into the spotlight due to the hype from ‘The Disaster Artist.’ James Franco portrayed the wacky and eccentric Tommy Wiseau. He took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy.

This Awkward Encounter

During James Franco’s speech at the Golden Globes, James awkwardly pushed Tommy Wiseau away, when he tried to contribute to James’ thank you speech. It was pretty damn hilarious actually. Check out this horrific gif to watch the disaster occur. (Pun intended).

rejected tommy wiseau GIF by Golden Globes

I can almost see Tommy’s eyes rolling behind his sunglasses. But to be honest, who would want Tommy Wiseau to be a part of their thank you speech? It looks like he hasn’t showered in a month and his glasses look like they were purchased in 2004. But you just know that he can blow o’s like a champion.

Back to the 3D

It seems that nowadays we get most of our news from Twitter. Tommy tweeted about the 3D version of his movie in this vague but crafty tweet.

If you haven’t seen ‘The Room,’ I personally recommend that if you make the bold decision to watch it, you watch it while playing a drinking game. It’s the weirdest movie in the world. Just watch approximately five minutes of this 15-minute highlights reel, and you will understand why it got its nickname.

That being said, everything is art if you let it be. I didn’t make a movie during my lifetime, so honestly, holler at Tommy Wiseau. Check out this article for some more fun surrounding ‘The Room’ and ‘The Disaster Artist.’ 

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