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Nicholas Cage Wants To Murder His Own Kids In Psychotic New Horror-Comedy ‘Mom & Dad’

I think Cage has finally lost his marbles..

Credit: Momentum Pictures

‘Mom And Dad’ revolves around some kind of bizarre epidemic that makes parents want to kill their children. It’s been described as ‘Home Alone on bath salts.

Honestly, I’m not sure if this movie just looks straight-up dumb, horrific, or horrifically hilarious. In any case, I’m gonna have to see how this psycho-parents thriller plays out. Check out the trailer below and judge for yourself:

I think Cage wielding a sledgehammer while singing the Hokey Pokey pretty much sums it up.

Over the years we’ve seen Cage play these darker and more unsavory roles to perfection. He makes a very convincing psychopath, and for that alone, this movie might be worth seeing. The premise of the film plays on the darker nature of society in a gruesomely terrifying and comedic way.

Despite the film’s genre classification, I don’t mean to deliberately call a movie about parents murdering their kids a comedy, but the whole plot is so outrageous that I just can’t help but to laugh at it.

The film’s U.S. release date is set for January 19th, with no current release date for the U.K.

While on the topic of Nick Cage and brutal forms of cinema, check out this hilariously convincing rendering of Cage playing every character from Game of Thrones. 

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