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New Season of Jessica Jones to Feature All Female Directors

Netflix is making a great decision with this one.

Credit: Jessica Jones/Marvel

Netflix has just renewed Jessica Jones for a second season. However, get ready for twice the bad-ass female power. Not only is the main character a woman, but this season a different female director will command the screen each episode.

Watch the new trailer below:

Melissa Rosenberg announced the exciting news at the Transforming Hollywood conference:

Marvel is said to be completely on board with the introduction of more female directors. Rosenberg also stated that Jessica will confront some demons this new season. Krysten Ritter, the actress who plays the titular character, teased “Season 2 will be more in her heart. … It’s still a psychological thriller, but it’s more of an emotional thriller this time”.  Both Ritter will appear reprising her role as the rogue super-hero private detective and David Tenant in his supervillain role.

When BAFTA Elevate launched this year, there was a clear emphasis on female directors. They said, “We aim to address the disparity between the ratio of male and female film school graduates (50:50) and the ratio of men and women industry directing hires (87:13)”. Therefore, Netflix is taking a step in the right direction by getting different, talented female directors to each direct an episode of Jessica Jones.

Look out for your favorite Netflix shows coming in the new year

Many other original shows have been renewed for new series in 2018, including Mindhunter, Love, The Good Place and Glow.

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